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04 July 2009

The upcoming version of Gradient iCool

I'm now planning on a next version of the theme Gradient iCool. It will contain a few significant changes from the previous versions of the theme, which includes a new menu list and new icons. Also this version adds support to the new Firefox 3.6α1pre. This update will be made available within about 2 weeks, if possible.

Following the rank of Gradient iCool in Firefox Addons: Themes being the 7th now, I really appreciate those who have downloaded this theme and I hope everyone likes the theme I have created. I will try to improve this theme in the future. For now, here are the preview pictures:

▲ Gradient iCool 1.1.0β - Library

▲ Gradient iCool 1.1.0β - Options

▲ Gradient iCool 1.1.0β - About Firefox