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14 December 2008

New Gradient xMas to Celebrate Christmas with Firefox

A new Firefox theme for Christmas, Gradient xMas, is in beta in Firefox Addons. To download, click here and sign in Firefox Addons. With dynamic snowflakes and the candy cane scroll bar and progress bar, this theme is definitely a good choice for decorating your Firefox browser this Christmas. Feel free to comment on this theme. The screenshot is placed below.

11 December 2008

I've found a few bugs in my theme. And since I'm not an experienced developer, can anyone give me some idea of how to fix the problems?

1. The bookmarks favicon in the menu bar is too wide to see.

2. The AiOS title text bcomes invisible when rolled over. The sidebar menu is also invisible.

3. The source text for the Download Statusbar appears unreadable.

Can any developers please help me solve the problems? Because I am not too good at CSS, and let's make a good theme together!

14 November 2008

1.0.5 Beta 1 Released & Ideas for Gradient iCool 1.0.5 Wanted!!!

For the current version of 1.0.4, it isn't much a success due to the issue with Twitterfox and thus it is not publicised by the Firefox Addons team.

The first beta version of 1.0.5, 1.0.5b1, is made available for download (link:

I'm currently working on the Gradient iCool 1.0.5, which is the next version, with a few bugs solved:
1. Compatibility with the All-in-One Toolbar
2. Invisibility in the search suggestions

There are a few features added as well:
1. Rich animations
2. New drop-down list
3. Removed border between the menu bar and the navigation bar.
4. More black backgrounds

This is going to become a highly-animated theme, with nice animations in the highlighted item in menu, also in search suggestions, URL bar suggestions, bookmarks bar (with AiOS), top panels (e.g. Option Panel), etc.

Below is the screenshot of the new version. Don't forget leave your comment on. And suggest the features you would like in the new version. Thank you for making us a giant step towards a great theme!

24 October 2008

Gradient iCool 1.0.3 Official Release!

Gradient 1.0.3 is released, the improvements are:

-New scrollbar
-New menu-bar appearance
-New bookmarks & security panel appearance
-New radio and checkbox buttons
-New buttons
-New dialogue background

Fixed bugs
-Incorrect font colour on the menu of bookmarks organiser (0000)
-Bookmarks panel doesn't appear right (0001)
-Grey stripes on search bar (0002)
-Wrong spin button appearance (0003)
-Small icon disability (0004)


27 September 2008

New Gradient iCool 1.0.3b1 Released!!!

New Gradient iCool 1.0.3b1 released!!! New features include enhanced animation, some fixed bugs, improved interface (scrollbar, close button, menu, ...) and usability. The installation file is now available via MegaUpload. (link)

25 September 2008

Gradient iCool Ranked No.5!!

Gradient iCool is ranked no. 5 in Firefox themes.

20 September 2008

Theme Now Listed 11th with over 250,000 Downloads!!!

The theme is now listed 11th with over 250,000 total downloads!!!

The new "star" for the Gradient iCool 1.0.3!!

Is that better than the original one? Give some comments...

13 September 2008

New close button

The new close button style. Is this better than the last one (more visible)?

10 September 2008

Reaching 30,000 Downloads!!!

Congratulations for Gradient iCool reaching 30,000 total downloads (30,293 currently) and 20,000 weekly downloads (20,924 currently) and is continuing growing!!! It's ranked 10th (yesterday it was 17th) sorted by weekly downloads thanks for your support!!!
An upcoming version of this theme is under construction and will be out very soon. I used black as the main background colour. (see below)

Is that all right? Just leave me some comments and I would really appreciate it if you do. Thank you and we are all looking for an ideal theme for our own personalised browser!!

04 August 2008

Hurray!! Up To 4,000 Downloads Until Now!

Hurray!! After the release of the Firefox 3-compatible version of Gradient iCool, the downloads have been mounting at all times and it reaches 1,000 downloads for just a week. Now it has reached 4,000 downloads!! More improvements coming on!!

31 July 2008

New Site to Celebrate the World Record of Firefox 3 & Gradient iCool 1.0.2

To celebrate the world record for Firefox 3, I established this new site together with Gradient iCool 1.0.2 for Firefox 3. You can download it now on the Firefox Addons Site and Softpedia. This new theme uses a Vista-native font i.e. Segoe UI. Segoe UI can be made available upon installing Windows Live Mail or Windows Vista and a lot of different ways (see I was granted the "100% Clean" Award by Softpedia (see this page). It's tested on Mac OS by the Softpedia team. The preview is shown below.

15 June 2008

Learning CSS

Currently I'm learning CSS in order to modify Gradient iCool for the application of FF3. Feel free to state the problems encountered in FF3 when using the theme.
Known Issues are:
#1 Search Bar
#2 Tab
#3 Close buttons
#4 Buttons in Add-ons and Options
I'll try my best to improve this theme as soon as possible. If you could provide any comment or help in the script, I would be thankful.
Also, congratulations to Gradient iCool, which is about to reach a total download of 2,000. Hope more and more people will download this theme.
I'll upload the previews here as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.

01 June 2008

Grdient Themes

I've changed Ozone Themes to Gradient Themes. The first theme out is Gradient iCool (Fig.1), which is the successor of Ozone Black x Blue. First, I greatly appreciate those who has downloaded this theme. Now it has reached over 700 downloads for a week hosted (i.e. 100 downloads per day!)
Just tell me anything you feel about this theme here. Feel free also to post comments on the Mozilla Addons page.

Fig. 1