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07 April 2010

-- Changing website --

As this blog is getting old, I have decided to replace it with something newer. For future updates, please refer to my new website, or follow me on Twitter. Also, please feel free to email me ( Don't forget to change the URL address in your bookmarks :)

Also, the latest updates are:
Gradient iCool for Mozilla Firefox 1.2.0
Gradient iBlu for Mozilla Firefox 1.0.9
Gradient iCool for Google Chrome 1.1.4

Follow Gradient Studio on Twitter

Update: Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.2.0 for Mozilla Firefox

This version contains a lot of important features, see below:
-Improved tab animation on mouse over (at faster speed)
-Improved compatibility with tab alterations by changing about:config
-Visible "organise bookmarks" search
-Visible text in uneditable text boxes (e.g. Download Statusbar, FxIF)
-Bringing back the RSS icon on URL bar
-Options menu (coming soon)

25 March 2010

Update: Gradient iBlu 1.0.9

Gradient iBlu is updated (1.0.9) to be compatible with Firefox 3.6. It contains no other significant changes as in the previous version (1.0.8). Download it here now.

14 March 2010

Update: Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.5 for Mozilla Firefox

Here comes the Gradient iCool 1.1.5 for Mozilla Firefox. This version includes several vital improvements, including compatibility with Linux and the the new animated tab bar. The new animated tab bar features the previous styles: the tab border shows only when the mouse is over the tab. Also, the animations when the mouse is over the tab and when the tab is selected enhance the overall look of your Firefox. Also, the menu now supports transparency, which makes the theme more visually attractive. A screenshot is shown below.

Please download and save the file here. Then drag it onto Firefox or the Add-ons Manager in Firefox. Restart your Firefox to complete the update.

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.5 for Mozilla Firefox

21 February 2010

New: Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.4 for Google Chrome

I have just created a version of Gradient iCool (Blue) for Google Chrome. It can be downloaded from here. This new theme is a lot like Gradient iCool (Blue) in Mozilla Firefox, except the fact that it is optimised for Google Chrome. It is compatible with the latest Google Chrome ( Hope you'll enjoy it!

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.4 for Google Chrome

18 February 2010

Update: Gradient iCool 1.1.4 and the New Website

A new update with several compatiblity improvements, noticeably with the Linux operating system, several improvements for the addons Ctrl-Tab and Tab Scope. The most up-to-date version can be downloaded from here.

Also, a new website is set up for Gradient Studio, which is

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.4 - Main Window (Linux Ubuntu)

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.4 - Options (Linux Ubuntu)

26 December 2009

Persona: Getting Ready for the New Year 2010

As the new year is approaching, I have uploaded an persona to the Personas website. However, it is pending review by the Firefox team and will hopefully come out shortly. Here is a screenshot of it:

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.2 - with Persona New Year in Hong Kong 2010

24 December 2009

Update: A Christmas Gift for Everyone - the New Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.2 with Numerous Compatibility Improvements

Gradient Studio is bringing a Christmas gift for everyone on Christmas Eve - the new Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.2. It can be downloaded from here or on the Firefox Add-ons website.This update contains a great deal of improvements on the compatiblity of different add-ons. For instance, this theme is now compatible with Personas, Colorful Tabs, Tab Mix Plus, ChromaTabs Plus, etc. Moreover, this update is compatible with the new Firefox 3.6b5. As well as these, the add-on is tested to be compatible with add-ons listed below:

Adblock Plus 1.1.2
All-in-One Sidebar 0.7.10
AniWeather 0.6.18
APNG Edit 1.5
AVG Safe Search
ChromaTabs Plus 2.2
ColorfulTabs 4.1
Console² 0.5
Cooliris 1.11.5
Destroy the Web 0.9.1
DOM Inspector 2.0.4
DownloadHelper 4.6.5
Download Statusbar
DownThemAll! 1.1.7
FastestFox 3.0.4
Firebug 1.4.5
( 1.3.1
Fission 1.0.9
Flagfox 3.3.19
FoxyTunes 3.5.9
Furigana Injector 1.3
Google Shortcuts 1.8.4
Greasemonkey 0.8.20091209.4
ImTranslator 3.2.9
InspectThis 0.9.1
Open In Current Tab 0.1
Personas 1.5
ReminderFox 1.9.6
SmartBookmarks Bar 1.4.3
Snowl 0.3
Split Browser 0.6.2009110501
Stylish 1.0.7
Tab Mix Plus
User Agent Switcher 0.7.2
Weave Sync 1.0b3
Web Developer 1.1.8
XHTML Ruby Support 3.0.2009060901
Zotero 1.0.10

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.2 - with ChromaTabs Plus

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.2 - with Colorful Tabs

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.2 - with Personas

16 December 2009

More Than 2 Million Downloads of Gradient iCool (Blue)!

Gradient iCool (Blue) has reached 2 million downloads lately! Thanks for everyone who has downloaded it or are using it! I will continue to work on the theme and integrate it with other add-ons and Firefox. I hope that I will also get some other themes going soon. thank you everyone. :)

11 December 2009

Update: Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.1 with TabMixPlus and Firefox 3.6b4 Compatibility

Regarding to the recent incompatibility problem with TabMixPlus, as suggested by a number of people, I have fixed the issue and also made the theme Gradient iCool (Blue) compatible with the new Firefox 3.6b4. You can download it here or on the Firefox Addons website after it comes out.

▲ Gradient iCool (Blue) 1.1.1 - Compatibility with TabMixPlus on Firefox 3.6b4

04 July 2009

The upcoming version of Gradient iCool

I'm now planning on a next version of the theme Gradient iCool. It will contain a few significant changes from the previous versions of the theme, which includes a new menu list and new icons. Also this version adds support to the new Firefox 3.6α1pre. This update will be made available within about 2 weeks, if possible.

Following the rank of Gradient iCool in Firefox Addons: Themes being the 7th now, I really appreciate those who have downloaded this theme and I hope everyone likes the theme I have created. I will try to improve this theme in the future. For now, here are the preview pictures:

▲ Gradient iCool 1.1.0β - Library

▲ Gradient iCool 1.1.0β - Options

▲ Gradient iCool 1.1.0β - About Firefox

30 June 2009

Here Comes Firefox 3.5!

Finally, Firefox 3.5 is out and it's a massive improvement in web technology. This theme will improve to meet the standard of Firefox 3.5, and more themes may roll out as well. I hope my themes can give users a better surfing experience. Please leave some of your ideas about the possible development of the theme so that I can make a better theme for everyone in the world who loves Firefox and customising the browser. I will produce some preview images soon, but I'm a bit busy at the moment. This theme is now ranked 9th with downloads in the Firefox Addons site. Thanks for using this theme.

13 June 2009

Styles: Gradient iCool C001

Thanks for user aqeel, a new special edition is out. It features new animated scrollbars and checkbox. If you want to try it on, feel free to download it!

16 May 2009

Update: Gradient iCool 1.0.9 in Sandbox! Download it quick!

I've been working on this update for ages, since the last update in March. This update includes an awful lot of advances from the last update. The most noticeable difference is, of course the Mac-style address bar and search bar. They've been redesigned and they are a massive improvement from the last bar. (Text boxes are changed to a Mac-style as well!)

Toolbar icons are redesigned as well. Glossy borders are added to them. They are redesigned to look more professional and less child-like. Then it's the tab bar. The tab bar is redesigned as well. It follows the principle of smooth and cool. Blue gradients with black glossy background. Now separators are applied between each tab, which makes it easier for you to distinguish between tabs.

The update is also made more compatible with Download Statusbar, DownThemAll!, and Fission. A meteor-like object has been added along the address bar, to indicate the progress if Fission is used. A few bugs are also fixed. It will also be available for my other themes hopefully.

▲ Gradient iCool 1.0.9 on Firefox 3.0.10

▲ Gradient iCool 1.0.9 on Firefox 3.5b4

▲ Options menu

▲ Add-ons menu

▲ About Mozilla Firefox

▲ Find bar

▲ Identity label

▲ Fission - with the meteor-like progress

02 May 2009

Latest Improved User Interface

Have a look at the improved user interface, which will be publicised in the next version. It is made to be seamless and smooth. The screenshot shows the navigation pane, along with the new address and search bar and the new cool tabs. At last don't forget to have your comments here.

29 March 2009

Update: Gradient iBlu, iCool, iPâques 1.0.8!

Gradient iBlu, iCool, and iPâques are updated to the latest version of 1.0.8. The theme boasts the compatibility with Firefox 3.1b3, and it also fixes the problems in the previous version. The Downloads windows now appears correctly, and this theme can be used with TabMixPlus. This update also includes new buttons, which is more rounded. Furthermore, this update is more compatible with ReminderFox, in which the menu list now appears correctly.

You can download it in the Firefox Addons page (Gradient iBlu, Gradient iCool, Gradient iPâques). Don't forget to log in before you download. If you have any comments about the update, don't hesitate to leave a comment here or email me.

25 March 2009

Working on the Next Update... Have A First Glance!

While I'm working on the next update, I keep updating this blog to let all of you know about what's going on with this theme. The next update, 1.0.8, is scheduled to be out in the beginning of April.

The update improves the compatibility with Firefox 3.1b3. The scroll bar works fine on Firefox 3.1b3. It will be a few of the themes that support 3.1b3.

In this update, the bug in the downloads window, which users cannot see the text of the item, will be fixed. Users can now view the downloads windows, with the Gradient custom style.

The text is also now visible for those who claims to have a problem of seeing text when highlighted. This theme will now work on most computers fine.

Compatibility with add-ons are also improved. For TabMixPlus, you can now use the multi-tabs feature without any problem. It just works fine on my computer.

For ReminderFox, the menu list problem is also fixed, the menu list now appear correctly.

If you've got any enquiries or suggestions about this update, feel free to leave a comment here, so that I can keep improving my theme. Thanks so much!

15 March 2009

Have a Theme for Easter - Gradient iPâques

Easter is coming in about a month, I decided to make a Firefox theme for Easter, which is Gradient iPâques. Pâques is Easter in French. Bunnies are everywhere in this theme. Try to find some out yourself. :)

This theme contains different colours of Easter eggs, etc. Back and forward buttons are specially designed as the shpe of an egg. Be the first one to try this out and show it to your friends and family! You can get it from Firefox Addons, the theme section. But as it is still an experimental theme, log in first before you install it!

12 March 2009

Update: Gradient iCool and iBlu 1.0.7!

Gradient iCool and iBlu 1.0.7 are just put into the sandbox. It will be publicised in a few days.

In 1.0.7, the icons for Options menu, Page Info menu, Add-ons menu, DOM Inspector, identity panel and many more are modified. There is also a new icon for the update. Unwanted borders, such as those below and above toolbar, are removed. Also buttons are added with borders. For Gradient iCool, glassy effects are now added to buttons, menu bar and status bar. The blue glassy scrollbar is back as well! For Gradient iBlu, the buttons are recoloured so that they match the main style more, and give the user a dark style.

Also, thanks to Chris Barnes, I get screenshots on Mac for Gradient iCool 1.0.6.

07 March 2009

New Firefox Addons Style - The Gradient iBlu Style and Ideas for update 1.0.7

I have designed a site style for Firefox Addons. See this post for more details. It is now available on It is best used with either Gradient iCool or Gradient iBlu. The dark blue interface makes brosing for addons exciting. Screenshot below. Get it now!

The upcoming update, 1.0.7, has several advances. For Gradient iCool, the improvements include the new glassy button and tab box, new glassy title for tree boxes, etc. For Gradient iBlu, the improvements include recoloured tabs and buttons. For both themes, icons are improved and there is a new look for the progress bar. There is a new icon as well. Bugs such as white text on white background are fixed. Screenshots below.