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27 September 2008

New Gradient iCool 1.0.3b1 Released!!!

New Gradient iCool 1.0.3b1 released!!! New features include enhanced animation, some fixed bugs, improved interface (scrollbar, close button, menu, ...) and usability. The installation file is now available via MegaUpload. (link)

25 September 2008

Gradient iCool Ranked No.5!!

Gradient iCool is ranked no. 5 in Firefox themes.

20 September 2008

Theme Now Listed 11th with over 250,000 Downloads!!!

The theme is now listed 11th with over 250,000 total downloads!!!

The new "star" for the Gradient iCool 1.0.3!!

Is that better than the original one? Give some comments...

13 September 2008

New close button

The new close button style. Is this better than the last one (more visible)?

10 September 2008

Reaching 30,000 Downloads!!!

Congratulations for Gradient iCool reaching 30,000 total downloads (30,293 currently) and 20,000 weekly downloads (20,924 currently) and is continuing growing!!! It's ranked 10th (yesterday it was 17th) sorted by weekly downloads thanks for your support!!!
An upcoming version of this theme is under construction and will be out very soon. I used black as the main background colour. (see below)

Is that all right? Just leave me some comments and I would really appreciate it if you do. Thank you and we are all looking for an ideal theme for our own personalised browser!!