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14 November 2008

1.0.5 Beta 1 Released & Ideas for Gradient iCool 1.0.5 Wanted!!!

For the current version of 1.0.4, it isn't much a success due to the issue with Twitterfox and thus it is not publicised by the Firefox Addons team.

The first beta version of 1.0.5, 1.0.5b1, is made available for download (link:

I'm currently working on the Gradient iCool 1.0.5, which is the next version, with a few bugs solved:
1. Compatibility with the All-in-One Toolbar
2. Invisibility in the search suggestions

There are a few features added as well:
1. Rich animations
2. New drop-down list
3. Removed border between the menu bar and the navigation bar.
4. More black backgrounds

This is going to become a highly-animated theme, with nice animations in the highlighted item in menu, also in search suggestions, URL bar suggestions, bookmarks bar (with AiOS), top panels (e.g. Option Panel), etc.

Below is the screenshot of the new version. Don't forget leave your comment on. And suggest the features you would like in the new version. Thank you for making us a giant step towards a great theme!