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31 January 2009

Japan - Culture, Hi-Tech, ...

I am a bit fond of Japanese culture. Recently a found a website about Japanese culture, which is great. With knowledge of Japanese style, I can build better Firefox themes like Gradient iBlu. This site is really helpful for me learning Japanese stuff, especially those in Tokyo. Have a look if you have time.
I would continue my effort in making better theme for us, and later maybe white-background Japanese theme. I would really appreciate all of your support.

23 January 2009

Gradient iBlu First Released!

A new theme, Gradient iBlu is first released. It is an elegant Firefox theme, but without the glassy effect in Gradient iCool, this makes a modern and Japanese style. If you do like it, download it here.

This theme, along with modern buttons and tabs, is highly recommended for your Firefox. For those who admire modern culture, this suits you the best - cool blue buttons, along with dark background. The gradient also improves the overall appearance of the theme. More features will be coming soon. Thanks for your support in this theme, and your support in Firefox.

20 January 2009

A New Theme Coming - Gradient iBlu

Gradient iBlu is a new project starting on Gradient Studio. It is a theme similar to Gradient iCool, but with less glassy effects, which makes the overall theme a Japanese-styled theme. It also makes the theme more pleasant for the eye and enjoyment.

Drop a comment here if you have any equiries/suggestions. Thank you for supporting this theme!

18 January 2009

Downloads of Gradient iCool Exceed 1 Million!!

Downloads of Gradient iCool exceed 1 million. It's currently the 11th most downloaded theme!! Thanks for all your support. I will keep updating this theme and make this theme the best theme of the times!!