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14 December 2008

New Gradient xMas to Celebrate Christmas with Firefox

A new Firefox theme for Christmas, Gradient xMas, is in beta in Firefox Addons. To download, click here and sign in Firefox Addons. With dynamic snowflakes and the candy cane scroll bar and progress bar, this theme is definitely a good choice for decorating your Firefox browser this Christmas. Feel free to comment on this theme. The screenshot is placed below.

11 December 2008

I've found a few bugs in my theme. And since I'm not an experienced developer, can anyone give me some idea of how to fix the problems?

1. The bookmarks favicon in the menu bar is too wide to see.

2. The AiOS title text bcomes invisible when rolled over. The sidebar menu is also invisible.

3. The source text for the Download Statusbar appears unreadable.

Can any developers please help me solve the problems? Because I am not too good at CSS, and let's make a good theme together!