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25 March 2009

Working on the Next Update... Have A First Glance!

While I'm working on the next update, I keep updating this blog to let all of you know about what's going on with this theme. The next update, 1.0.8, is scheduled to be out in the beginning of April.

The update improves the compatibility with Firefox 3.1b3. The scroll bar works fine on Firefox 3.1b3. It will be a few of the themes that support 3.1b3.

In this update, the bug in the downloads window, which users cannot see the text of the item, will be fixed. Users can now view the downloads windows, with the Gradient custom style.

The text is also now visible for those who claims to have a problem of seeing text when highlighted. This theme will now work on most computers fine.

Compatibility with add-ons are also improved. For TabMixPlus, you can now use the multi-tabs feature without any problem. It just works fine on my computer.

For ReminderFox, the menu list problem is also fixed, the menu list now appear correctly.

If you've got any enquiries or suggestions about this update, feel free to leave a comment here, so that I can keep improving my theme. Thanks so much!