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12 March 2009

Update: Gradient iCool and iBlu 1.0.7!

Gradient iCool and iBlu 1.0.7 are just put into the sandbox. It will be publicised in a few days.

In 1.0.7, the icons for Options menu, Page Info menu, Add-ons menu, DOM Inspector, identity panel and many more are modified. There is also a new icon for the update. Unwanted borders, such as those below and above toolbar, are removed. Also buttons are added with borders. For Gradient iCool, glassy effects are now added to buttons, menu bar and status bar. The blue glassy scrollbar is back as well! For Gradient iBlu, the buttons are recoloured so that they match the main style more, and give the user a dark style.

Also, thanks to Chris Barnes, I get screenshots on Mac for Gradient iCool 1.0.6.